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Gospel Artists

Hey, Friend. Thanks for taking a second to consider making The Beautiful Campaign a part of your concert ministry. Our goal is to help you inspire and equip your audience to effectively share the Gospel.

Short & Sweet

We've done our best to make the implementation of The Beautiful Campaign into your concert program simple, short and sweet! Watch the video below for a quick explanation (and demonstration) of how you can easily and effectively share The Beautiful Campaign in under 4 minutes!

Additional Tools

Order Materials

We offer the You Are Beautiful cards to you, the artist, at 50% off of retail. To order your cards, visit our resources page and select from the available options. Your cards will be shipped directly to you pre-bundled in groups of 30. We recommend that you make cards available to your fans, followers and customers for $5 per bundle. This allows you to make a profit on the cards.

USE PROMO CODE: ARTIST to receive 50% off of the listed prices.


If you have any questions or would like to order additional tools contact Donny Henderson at:


Current artist pricing for additional marketing tools and products:

T-shirts - $10 (minimun 4 dozen)

Wristbands - $40 for 100 wristbands

Deluxe Retractable - $179

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