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Join family comedian, Scott Davis and award-winning quartet, Poet Voices for this unforgettable evening of music & laughter designed to inspire and equip followers of Jesus to share the Gospel in a fresh, fun and effective way.


“In Isaiah 52:7, the Bible describes the feet of those who bring the Gospel of Christ as BEAUTIFUL. Then in 2 Corinthians 2:15, those being saved are a BEAUTIFUL aroma to God! 

Wouldn’t it be a BEAUTIFUL thing to gather for an evening of fun, fellowship, laughter, and incredible music to motivate and equip the church in BEING the Beautiful feet that carry the Gospel to all whom God loves—to everyone He sees AS BEAUTIFUL? 

This is what the BEAUTIFUL EVENING with Phil Cross & Poet Voices, and author/humorist Scott Davis is all about. When we see people as God sees them—as BEAUTIFUL, it starts changing our mindset and heart. If we have a TRUE relationship with Christ, then EVERYTHING about Jesus indwells us in the form of the Holy Spirit, meaning we, too, can see EVERYONE as Beautiful and an object for whom Christ died. 

In this twenty-first century, we are battling the noise of this world. How do we cut through it all to get individuals to focus on and HEAR the Gospel? We’ve designed the Beautiful Evening to do just that. Using incredible music and dynamic video, those attending a Beautiful Evening event will leave motivated and equipped to share the Gospel via a twenty-first-century method.”

For more information or to schedule a Beautiful event call  800.356.4963 or send a text to 470.243.1940.

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