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Who Are We

Hey Friend!

Hey, Friend

You are reading this because someone from our team sent you a link. The video above is meant to give you a quick peek at The Beautiful Campaign from the perspective of a few people you probably know. We would be so honored if you would visit our home page and watch the "start here" video. It is only 2.5 minutes in length, but it provides a thorough overview of our mission.

We believe that there is a great need RIGHT NOW for followers of Jesus to get serious about sharing the Gospel. We are reaching out to you because we know that you feel that same urgency. As Gospel artists, we come in contact with thousands of people who claim Christ as Lord. We sing to them every weekend. We believe that we have developed a tool that will not only help us, as artists share the Gospel more effectively, but will also inspire and equip our fans, friends and followers to do the same.

Please take a few minutes and watch the videos at We'd be so grateful for your feedback. 


Phil Cross - 423.240.7736

Donny Henderson - 770.900.4997

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